Using technology to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial visions and enterprise level marketing capabilities.

Primary Skills

  • Networking, TCP/IP, LAN & Security
  • Data Architecture, LAMP
  • Cloud Systems Deployment (AWS)

Recent Projects


Higgason Construction is a luxury home remodeling GC in Sammamish, Washington. Shannon works on million dollar homes, doing luxury bathroom remodels using rare imported materials in a collaborative design process luxury homeowners like. I created a responsive web portfolio that made it easier for Shannon to generate leads by presenting his primary skills and best work in an intuitive way. This project used TBS 3.x, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, & tools like Illustrator, Photoshop & AWS Cloud.


DR Construction is a general contractor company working on commercial tenant improvement, city, and home structural engineering remodels. Duncan Redman, of DR Construction, Renton WA let me start a simple website for him three years ago. 18 unique content loaded web pages, and a lot of revisions later he is happily 'swamped' with quality leads and sits on the top of the Google search results for his market. I used the BS3 framework, jQuery, JavaScript, Masonry, & tools like AWS S3, EC2, Aptana, NPM etc.

University Accomplishments

Official Transcripts Available Upon Request

Education has been my primary focus since childhood. My hard work has paid off and it has yielded the greatest advancement in opportunities in my life.

While working on my remaining duel science (software & network engineering, with minor concentration in database) elective credits, I ran out of time & funds during the last 30% of my program. Weathered from school while maintaining sole proprietorship of two simultaneous active (Registered Wa State LLC'c) corporations with active client portfolios, I had to make a difficult & heartbreaking decision to leave school behind to pursue my active career.


I hope to finish this someday soon.


Accredited Networking Information Science Cumulative Grades, Cum Laude.

Mass Communications & Social Web Transition

I studied mass communications, radio broadcasting starting in High School while at KNHC C89.5 FM (1993-1994). I continued to persue some "mass comm." later at University of Teledo (Ohio) from 1999-2000. Transitioning from broadcast to web has meant finding new ways to convey intonation, inflection & cadance. My primary focus has become improving accuracy of researching & analyzing audience.

Continuous Improvement Cycles

Technology has been a part of my life since I built Heathkit transistor radios & Erector Sets to control light switches in my room as a child. I have always liked pushing the bounderies of technology to make useful tools.

I rediscovered the early passion when I hit the books formally in 2009 while studying heavy engineering disciplines like Six Sigma, and applied those principals to much of what I do day to day.

Driven, organized, aware

I subscribe to the notion that an indespensible employee is an asset that will be appreciated and kept busy no matter what the economic situation calls for. I have pushed myself to continue learning technologies and practices that todays businesses need and want.


Ryan Michael Hell

Philadelphia, PA